Monday, December 27, 2010


You know something is amiss when you start expecting an opaque figure to reflect.

It is when you ignore the reality and converse with the deaf. And dumb.

You drowned even though you knew how to swim.

No struggle, and you let go.

And now the sea is full of corpses, just like yours.

Did you fear repudiation? Was it self abnegation? Or were you simply scared of being obliterated?

"All of those things", you answer in a tone of complacent resignation.

But you will never be exonerated.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Aren't you the able one. With your head set straight, your goals all aligned.
You know what you want. Or you think you do anyway.
They come to you for counsel. And what do you know?
They love you. For now.
Are you happy?


You're wretched-pretentious, giving them a piece of that divine chocolate cake you made, making them all euphoric. All at once.
Is that even possible? How do you do it?
Did you leave some one out? Oh well then. That one will just have to endure the neglect outside the Pinkdom till the priorities change.

Or wait. Do your priorities even change? It's all about the rainbow over the hills is it not?

They'll just go away if they're meant to. Or else they'll stay.
It's always fun and amusement you're after. Did you ever stop to think?

So think. Like they all do. Try, being one of them.

Oh. Can't find your way back to the campsite? The smouldering coals.

Comfortable in the uncomfortable. At peace in a storm.
Stable in being unstable?
You'll persevere. Be disconsolate. Then crumble.

Monday, December 13, 2010


An omnipresent state of mind it could be.
Do good.
And you must. Because not doing so will just discombobulate them.

You can have everything, if you want it.
But what good is it? Don't think.
It is a fine state of mind, you can live with it till it's not.

But stay true.
And you must. Because they will reconnoitre the being for further attacks.
Go through your soul like a narcissist in a mirrored maze.

Back and forth. Till you shake. Crash, then fall.

Oh descried. Coup de grace.
So you exist no more.

Friday, December 10, 2010


You're such a douche. To me and everyone around you.

It's that scheming brain. Forever opportunistic. You're ugly.

I'd push you off a cliff if I got the chance. Maybe when you have your back to me.

My only fear is that I might miss you after the deed is done.

The Self. After all is said and done. Soulless.