Saturday, February 15, 2014

Renewed Revisitng

Time's been kind and so have others. The chances to elaborate have not been adequate and so when an opportunity arises, the bull has to be taken by the horns.
This world is a tangled yet intricately balanced web of bizarre, confounding, exasperating and vexing experiences. To be aloof is to swim with the current; smooth sailing and well balanced, but to speak up; an atrocity.
How is one to converse without the use of words? Are all matters of the head and the soul known to ones who are meant to know?
 Conducting a dialogue is colossal if not unbearably arduous. Engaging in one is said to enable, empower, and ease. Why then is it that we can not endure and reach contrition?
Assigning blame and protesting are signs of weakness and you can spend hours being encouraging but you must never be self-regarding.
The single least desirable trait one can possess; selfishness.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Curiously unfeeling is this form of late.
How sad and how true, like, dislike,
less, more, repeat, no, yes, love, hate.

A problem shared is a problem doubled.

Care of the world on your shoulders small.
Repress the coaster to achieve coequality,
empty heart and empty hands, do stand tall.

Inaction speaks louder than words.

Come then again tribulation and trial.
You cannot fail nor fall unless you try,
affliction occurs when unaided and onliest.

Mistake your reticence for arrogance.

Calm and close, far and apart, unknowing.
It is the hour that speaks infinitely of woe,
when words slip and disappears the feeling.

To continue is to beguile yourself.
To not is to renounce elation.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dismay and dread can cloud your thoughts,
but only resentment can make you blind.

Only in the day can you espy the dreams,
that might evade you and leave you behind.

Time is just a constitution of moments,
but only reason can determine your rise and decline.

At night you may feel the sparkle and shimmer,
that turns that woe of yours and their wrath benign.

Might you vigilantly fathom and might you not,
but scraps of ardor will get caught in the line.

Unknowingly pull and draw as you vigorously could,
that catch might be ostentatious or candidly divine.

Then wish upon a wish for rights and retribution,
but rest assured that it will be an endless strife.

Pay profusely the price with dust, dirt and grime,
that lay your daisies as you opt out of life.

Yes, the sun must set to rise.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Sing the forgotten words to you,
they had solemnly vowed to deliver anew.
Detached and riveting is your conversation,
you necessitate hearkening and fixation.

Love for all that shines.

You round them up and ascertain the suit,
to discover the gray beneath the blue.
Might your confabulation lead to zeal,
you aspire and wish to just feel.

Love for all that radiates.

Planets in the sky towards you have inclination,
surrender their light to gain your adulation.
What must be, be it so when you entreat,
for life always hands you another blank sheet.

Love for all that matters.
And Love for all that changes.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Their most genuine and tragic thoughts,
Should be locked and kept away.
Of great perdition and damned loss,
Thinks your mind, the better days are over?

But you don't exist.
You can't decipher.

You speak when in pain,
Only because happiness has no words.
Recklessly they come pouring out,
Their pathetic sounds of empathy.

But you don't know.
You can't understand.

Sunshine and starts, fresh and free,
Pace now, look ahead, and ponder deeply.
How can you stop this, when will it end?
Change this course, make them at ease.

Enmity with emotions.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


It is so much easier from behind the glass.
The effortless lying and the generous laughter.
"You seem so happy"
Yes you do, but it is the silence of the words.

Wallow deep in the pits of numbness.
Reminisce about the cold and ice.
"Your ego seems well fed"
Yes you're proud, let's see for how long.

Either wicked or a mere invertebrate.
Others seldom act in a way that is desirable.
"You'll get what you want"
Yes you might, but it could be worthless.

Striving for a higher low. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Playing roles has become quite a breeze.
Bitter and happy, gloomy and forlorn,
It is all about the front that matters.

You should just pry open those fingers.

The immeasurable skies pass by with ease.
Cloudy and clear, orange and blue,
Atleast it hasn't started raining yet.

You should just let the sand pour down.

Things have a way of turning out differently.
Great and mediocre, high and rock bottom,
There's no sinking lower after the lowest.

You should just speak your mind now.
But your mind knows not.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


You want your life to be meaningful.
It should have colors, pinks, and blues.
There have to be others, trivial and significant,
For times of folly and times of need.

It is an arduous task collecting the pinks.
The blues are always in a squeeze.
Their predicaments should be disregarded.
Isn't a life without colors just prosaic?

There are those that will withdraw,
And others who will desert, strand, and jilt.
So prepare and be wary of the grey.
How is one to show affection for these?

Their mixing and forming different blends,
Can confound the brightest of them all.
One after the other creating an absurd concoction
What was added when and how did it become so?

Soon the palette will be washed off clean,
And you will have newer colors to work with.
It may please you to have another chance.
Will you seize the yellow and reset the canvas?

But show your work before the rain comes,
For it will run down all the colors into one.
To a blur the depiction will begin to become,
And to grey may turn your life again.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Faster now as you try to get away,
there is consistent slowing you down.
Airwaves barricade your path as you persist.
And they all try fleeing the denouement.

But you can't seem to move.

Sluggish now as you view the aperture,
doggedly dragging the weight in fear.
You look back over your shoulder.
And hope that you have escaped the worst.

But the door just won't open.

Stagnant now as your heart outraces your being,
helplessly shaking and the final cri de coeur.
You break the wall and let it all out.
And breath in the ameliorated escape.

But the roads have no signs.

Floating now as you realise their duplicity,
their transience perturbs you ceaselessly.
You want to wake out of the torment.
And forget the days of sand and glass.

But silence is a black adversary.
So you conjure it all away.
And run.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A sound, a creak, the ticking of a clock.
Exhaustion takes over but respite is distant.
Delusions in the dark dominate perception,
And in hopes of rescue, the soul screams silently.


Light tries to dissuade flighty notions.
But there is only so much brightness in this world.
Their existence is translucent and vague,
And they are attracted to the horrid and degenerate.


The being cannot help but question your actions.
Narrow and self-indulgent are their minds.
Goons and foes, uncaring and withdrawn,
And you try to forgive and hope to forget.


Rush in then, simple times of content delirium.
Wish upon a wish that everyone was like you.
They do not persist, they do not plead,
And life is lived each day as it comes.

A pretense of an unloving existence.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Unthinking, exhilarating, heavenly, rapturous,
and the state outside is of no importance.
Being selfish and unaccomodating is rewarding.
Doing what you want to do, for as long as you want.
Thrilling is the catch and the adventure.

Then you're on the road.

Shadows in your mind, a heavy stone tied to your center.
This is how it will be, a preview of what will ensue.
You don't know what you want but you do know,
you maybe probably most definitely don't want this.
So you sit back and engage in the happy masquerade.

Then you're at a traffic light.

Expect nothing from others, said another,
That's the only way you will ever avoid sorrow.
So you try and essay, and try again.
Ofcourse you expect, and hope there is life on mars.
And you are poor in abundance.

Then you're at the destination.

The reclusive bird flying low among the clouds,
commiserates the others that cannot soar at all.
But there is peace on the land, a content certainty.
The catch does reside in the earth and water.
So it ponders landing and grounding itself.

What you have might not stay with you forever.
Gratified unappreciative.
"If you love something, let it go"
                                   let them know.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


This state is surely one to be abhorred.
Too many directions and subsequent turmoil.
You thought you knew what you wanted.

It is, or is it not what it seems anymore.
Layer upon layer of guile and pretense.
You wish you could see through it all.

A chime and it all goes back to being pink.
You're enamored and it will take time.
Find the castle or make the moat your abode.

Cool breeze on a bright afternoon.
The repartee between the sun and the sky.
They smile and jest, then abstain and avert.

Will the clock ever strike that time again?
Maybe it will and all will be pink for good.
Else we can live inebriated and forever pretend.

Change is imperative.


Saturday, March 12, 2011


You explored and rummaged,
Piles and mounds, of dirt and rubble.
Of lies and deception, and of truth and tales.

Where did you lose that perspicacity?
When was it that all your grey cells evaporated?
Wasn't it enough wading recurrently through the swamp?

But the island of spring in all that mist seemed enticing.
The mere notion of a blissful swim and subsequent repose.
A chance de novo, a shot, hope and a prayer.

And you jumped into the realm of pretense.
Airy and dense, thrilling and mesmerizing.
Just smiled and died a thousand deaths.

You stared them into a quiver and a tumult.
The Pinkdom was all at merry unease and inquietude.
Till the very same old grey seeped in, sure standstill.

A seism, alarm bells, and trepidation.
The island of spring now seems vicious and malevolent.
Mercenaries, pirates, pillagers, narrow characters.

You disintegrate and weepingly lament the carnage.
Unvarying conduct and overlooking of premonitions.
For them divinity intervenes in perpetuum.

Tolerance is not a trait you're endowed with.
Untrammeled are the actions of this self.
Attempt at comprehending your desires.

Observe and cognize, till the skies are pink again.
Applaud the TLC and the regard before it pales.
Shrug it all off just now and later dissolve in the rain.

The dwarfy and precarious, stand tall and resolute.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


It is a disorder, this conviviality of yours.
True is the notion, "present mirth hath present laughter".

And you must cash in on the 'opportunities',
Else the bell will toll, and long it will toll,
Till you to your previous delitescence return.

You abhor the actions taken by them.
But your ballgame too, is carried out unorthodoxly.
Loss. And caustic are their shows of farce.

Encircled one, struck off another.
Ignored the mediocre and the unseemly.
A profusion of options and a cataclysm.

Bereft of life is the bird since the sunny days.
The bright beady eyes and the capable wings.
You're almost pushing daisies now.

So try and fly, with all your might.
Smile and seduce, rock and run.
You are meant for fretting and impairing.

Gain and collect. Solace and security,
Their veneration and yearning.
The painstaking efforts taken to confess.

And like a name on a list, selected.
Only to endure for a short pink while.

Reviling the flippancy.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


It is a deathless cycle, forever in nature.
You can't displace the beliefs that govern your very being.

A new face, a new high.
A new start, a new experience.

A new low.
A new end.

The transition is now faster than ever.
But you try to tighten your grip.

And you try to feel.
You try to rise above it all.

No schemes, just serendipity?
Monotony and misery?

"We'll see", time will resolve all constraints.
They make you unsure of what you want.

"Maybe", time will determine the course of action.
But you are not one to relinquish.

Not even time can be given that kind of power.