Monday, June 13, 2011


Faster now as you try to get away,
there is consistent slowing you down.
Airwaves barricade your path as you persist.
And they all try fleeing the denouement.

But you can't seem to move.

Sluggish now as you view the aperture,
doggedly dragging the weight in fear.
You look back over your shoulder.
And hope that you have escaped the worst.

But the door just won't open.

Stagnant now as your heart outraces your being,
helplessly shaking and the final cri de coeur.
You break the wall and let it all out.
And breath in the ameliorated escape.

But the roads have no signs.

Floating now as you realise their duplicity,
their transience perturbs you ceaselessly.
You want to wake out of the torment.
And forget the days of sand and glass.

But silence is a black adversary.
So you conjure it all away.
And run.

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