Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dismay and dread can cloud your thoughts,
but only resentment can make you blind.

Only in the day can you espy the dreams,
that might evade you and leave you behind.

Time is just a constitution of moments,
but only reason can determine your rise and decline.

At night you may feel the sparkle and shimmer,
that turns that woe of yours and their wrath benign.

Might you vigilantly fathom and might you not,
but scraps of ardor will get caught in the line.

Unknowingly pull and draw as you vigorously could,
that catch might be ostentatious or candidly divine.

Then wish upon a wish for rights and retribution,
but rest assured that it will be an endless strife.

Pay profusely the price with dust, dirt and grime,
that lay your daisies as you opt out of life.

Yes, the sun must set to rise.

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