Saturday, February 15, 2014

Renewed Revisitng

Time's been kind and so have others. The chances to elaborate have not been adequate and so when an opportunity arises, the bull has to be taken by the horns.
This world is a tangled yet intricately balanced web of bizarre, confounding, exasperating and vexing experiences. To be aloof is to swim with the current; smooth sailing and well balanced, but to speak up; an atrocity.
How is one to converse without the use of words? Are all matters of the head and the soul known to ones who are meant to know?
 Conducting a dialogue is colossal if not unbearably arduous. Engaging in one is said to enable, empower, and ease. Why then is it that we can not endure and reach contrition?
Assigning blame and protesting are signs of weakness and you can spend hours being encouraging but you must never be self-regarding.
The single least desirable trait one can possess; selfishness.

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